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Woodworking Building Plans: 4 Projects to Get You Started

Building Plans

Woodworking is one of the most satisfying DIY (do-it-yourself) undertakings, and if you have a little extra cash (mostly for tools and raw materials such as MDF sheets and wood), a small space for your woodworking workshop, and a lot of creativity when working with your hands, you are going to have a great time.

In today’s discussion, we are going to talk about four different projects that will help ignite your passion for woodworking.

The first project is a rustic coffee table with a glass top. If you are not comfortable working with glass, that’s fine, just work with MDF sheets.

You can customize how the coffee table looks later on. You can try using wood varnish, paint, or even synthetic bamboo to cover the table.

You can choose from a wide variety of woods, such as pine or even oak. Use a miter saw to cut the top of the coffee table and the lower shelf.

Use your miter saw for large MDF sheets, and then finish smaller cutting jobs with a simple table saw.

The second project that we recommend is the two-level bookcase. Small bookcases (especially the ones that are small enough to be placed under a window).

Are great for beginners, because the size of the wood is manageable for most first timers, but the entire process requires precision, which is a wonderful skill-builder.

A two-level bookcase requires pine boards and regular plywood. Again, the first thing that you have to do is to determine the size of the actual shelves, and then start cutting based on your measurements.

End the construction by placing the base/foundation of the bookcase. Use stainable fillers to patch narrow spaces in between joined wooden pieces.

The third project is a mirror made from oak. When you are done with the first two projects, we are certain that you can construct your very own full body mirror.

A desirable size for a full body mirror is 8 feet x 3 feet (you can change the dimensions as you see fit; this measurement is only an example).

The recommended finish for the wood, after the mirror has been set into the wooden frame, is shellac, or plain wooden varnish.

You can also add accents and moldings to the mirror if you want. The fourth and final project that you should try is a wood bookstand.

Bookstands are not only useful – these elegant pieces can also be used to make a room look warmer and more comfortable.

And, unlike other woodworking projects, a bookstand only requires one to two hours of work.

If you are not prepared to dish out 10 to 20 hours of work on a larger piece of furniture, such as a large bench or even a bed, it is best to start with wood bookstand.

Try using oak, because this wood always has that great creamy color that is perfect for most rooms in any home. Apply shellac when you are done.

The first thing that you have to do is to create the outline of the bookstand, and use a band saw to create the design on the wood.

When the pieces are finally cut from the wood, use a small door hinge to join the two symmetrical pieces, and you’re done!